Wartime Plane Crashes

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Wartime Plane crashes in the Potton area

In and around Potton, Bedfordshire, during World War Two, there were a number of plane crashes, primarily involving flights from Tempsford and occasionally further afield. In most cases, there is only scanty information about the events and the crews, but the Potton Liberator event is well documented. Click on each link in the left-hand navigation pane, or on an image of the aeroplane, for more information about it.

You should also note that a number of flights departing from RAF Tempsford, usually on Special Duties, failed to return, mostly crashing over the continent or the North Sea. I have made a single page with details about these losses, and the various squadrons that operated out of Tempsford on Special Duties.

Except for the Lysander, all the images below, and on the linked pages, are taken from the various Wikipedia pages, and all are believed to be in the public domain. They are all generic, and are NOT images of the actual aeroplanes involved in the incident. Refer to the linked Lysander page for copyright details of that image.

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In particular, there is some doubt as to wether it was Halifax LK743 or Mosquito HX972 which crashed into some cottages and killed a civilian on the ground. If you have any data which might help to resolve this issue, please tell me about it using the link above, or the one below.